Thursday, September 6, 2018

Devotion - Thursday, September 6

Acts 10 contains a story which resounds with the same message as this coming Sunday's Gospel text:  Christians are not to an exclusive bunch!

In Acts 10, Peter has a vision.  There is set before him a feast of foods orthodox Jews were not to eat.  Peter refuses.  This feast is offered to him three times.  Finally, he hears the voice of God saying, "What I have made, no one can call unclean."  At that same moment, there arrives at his door visitors from the household of a Gentile.  They were sent to ask Peter to come to the home of this man.

The story this Sunday is of a Gentile woman who comes to ask Jesus to hear her sick daughter.  There is some back and forth; but Jesus admires this woman and does as she asks.

We are too fast to allow our gut reactions to rule the interaction we will have with others.  Our brain's quick analysis and assumptions stand in the way of a reasoned response and openness to what might be possible should we wait and listen and see where God is leading us.

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