Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Devotion - Wednesday, September 5

Clemson University ignores Labor Day.  Classes are not cancelled; professors are in their offices; and staff persons are carrying out their tasks.  

And we all miss the opportunity to reflect on what it means to "labor."

The work we do has meaning beyond earning us a paycheck.  The labor of our hands adds to the creating and maintaining an ordered society in which each of God's children are cared for and valued.  We work to see the common good of all elevated.

Some of us will set our sites on a particular career and move into that type of work.  Others of us will find a job and then discover how it accomplishes our hopes.  What is essential is that we look at our labor with the same eyes as we look at other aspects of our daily lives - how is this reflecting my hope and trust in Jesus?

What we do matters.  It matters to God; it matters in God's world.  Reflecting on such topics matters, too.

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