Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Devotion - Wednesday, February 7

Jacob and Esau are the two sons of Isaac.  Jacob is the younger, but through a series of events, he becomes the greater of the two - something that was not supposed to happen in their day and place.

Among the bible stories you might want to know, is the story of Jacob "stealing" the blessing that Isaac was about to give to Esau.  It is in Genesis 27.

I won't recount the series of events here - I have a different message this morning.  Knowing the story will help you understand my point, but I will not assume you do remember all the details.

Isaac is fooled into thinking that Jacob is Esau.  Isaac then gives his blessing to Jacob, thinking he is blessing Esau.  When the betrayal is revealed, both Isaac and Esau lament that there is nothing that can be done.  The blessing has been given.

A parent's blessing is very important.  Having the assurance of our parent's confidence in us means so very much.  Many of us receive this gift; too many of us do not.  And, when it does not come there is a huge hole in our lives.  I know this from the conversations I have with many of you.  And I lift it up this morning in order to assure you that I am praying for you and for this void.

The story in Genesis 27 helps me to understand that a parent's blessing is a very real thing.  It is not merely some words or some emotions - it is a "thing."  When Issac gives this blessing to Jacob, it cannot be taken back.  It is as if he handed him a precious gem or parcel of land.  The blessing of words is as real as any item we might want to give to another.

The lack of a parent's blessing in our lives is addressed when we gather as God's people.  Our Heavenly Father is ever ready to bless and to affirm.  And, as is true with the blessings of our earthly parents, the blessing of this heavenly parent is also a very real thing.

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