Monday, February 12, 2018

Devotion - Monday, February 12

A corner is turned.  Yesterday's observance of Transfiguration Sunday has altered our path and our view.

In the earlier chapters of the gospels, Jesus is traveling and preaching and healing and gathering a following.  In the chapters which follow, he will get serious.  He will begin to tell them about Jerusalem and what will happen there.  He tries to let the know that the powers-that-be will turn on him, and so will the crowds.  He even says that many of them will leave, too.

I have the words of Peter continually ringing in my ears, "Lord, you have the words of eternal life.  To whom can we go?"  My experience of God's goodness is powerful and complete.  I cannot imagine myself not following him.

But I am also aware of how following him means my path is altered and my view refocused.

Every morning I must go through the essential process of lifting to God the things on my list, and then listening for God to comment on each and most often to add other stuff.  Every day I need to critique and re-evaluate the route I had been projecting for myself.  And I need to be looking for mistakes made the previous day which need confession and amends.

I am eager to turn this corner.  I am prepared for the season of Lent to begin.  In whatever way is possible, I hope to assist you in getting ready as well.

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