Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Devotion - Tuesday, February 6

There is a story in John 7 which is often titled "The Woman Caught in Adultery."  This story illustrates how easily we see the faults of others while minimizing our own transgressions.

This woman is brought to Jesus.  The self-righteous persons who expose her guilt point out that the punishment called for in their law is stoning.  They ask Jesus what should be done.  He says, "Let the person without sin cast the first stone."  Slowly, they all walk away.

We can easily see in the lives of another those things which we consider transgressions.  It is more of a challenge to see them in our own lives.  At least part of this is when we look at ourselves we see the complexity of the action or situation.  We know the shades of grey or reasons why things are not as simple as they may seem.  We don't have this perspective on the actions of others.  We can't.  We are not them.  But, as Jesus' words point out we could slow down and think before we condemn.  We could consider the complexity rather than merely respond to that which is on the surface.

There are evil and hateful and inappropriate behaviors.  These need to be and must be condemned.  But not at the expense of compassion and care and grace.

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