Thursday, November 2, 2017

Devotion - November 2

My undergraduate studies in psychology continue to serve me well in my pastoral ministry.  The courses and concepts aid me in my interactions and often suggest ways to improve interactions with peers, parents, and the world.

This morning's reading from I Corinthians 11 led me to wonder if those studies might also be a hinder.  Paul writes about "spiritual gifts."  Paul writes of actions and thoughts which are only possible as a result of the workings of the Spirit.

I worried that I may be more inclined to find sociological or psychological reasons for behaviors; leaving too little room for the working of the Spirit.

There is never any doubt of the Spirit's presence when the people of God are assembled.  Whether it be a Wednesday night meal, a Sunday  worship experience, or the interactions I over-hear coming from the LCM Lounge - I am continually reminded that these can be explained no other way than to see the workings of the Spirit.  

Observe your world this day, and note the places where you see the Spirit's activity.  It might be in the already-busy-with-my-own-studies classmate who sits by your side and aids you in your homework.  It might be phone call or text message with a simple but affirming reminder of another's care.

The Spirit is active - in our world and in our lives.  We know this; we experience this.  We could do a better job at talking about this.

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