Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Devotion - Tuesday, November 7

In I Corinthians 14, Paul continues to write of spiritual gifts.  He writes mostly about tongues, and prophesy.  In is commentary on these verses, Martin Luther writes that these gifts are given in order that the Church might be built up and unified.  Luther expresses concern about any words or works which might allow the world to point to disharmony within the Church.

A response to my Reformation Day e-devotion raised this concern with regard to my words.  A united Church is clearly what God desires.  

This overarching aim does (at times) find itself in tension with the call to God's people to be prophets.  The one who speaks of God's hope for the world will find themselves disheartened by hatred and bloodshed and violence.  The one who speaks of God's hope for the world cannot remain silent while sisters are exploited and brothers gunned down.

My prayers this morning did not reach a simple and calming end.  Neither will this devotion.  What it may do is give us the assurance that we do not face all of this alone; that others are by our side; and that our fellow followers also struggle to be agreeable and peaceable - while also hearing and responding to the call to speak of God's preferred vision for the world.

We are united - in our resolve to never allow the world to weaken the power of Jesus' message.

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