Monday, November 6, 2017

Devotion - Monday, November 6

My son was united in marriage yesterday.  I am still on a bit of a high from all of that - so it naturally spilled over into my morning prayers.

I am grateful - for the blessings of God pronounced over this union by Pastor Aebischer, for the collection of persons who came to add their affirmations, for the one who affirmed by son by saying "I do."  I am grateful.

My prayers this morning also included so many of you - those whose weddings I had the honor of officiating, those of you who I am currently discussing relationship and possible marriage, and those of you who long for the affirmation of another's love but find that allusive.  

I hope my next comments do not leave open the opportunity for any of those mentioned above to feel further excluded.

The high that I am on this morning emerged from the mood in the wedding hall yesterday afternoon.  It was a great mixture of folks, from many different sub-sets of society.  For a few wonderful hours, we were all together, in one place, for one purpose.  And it was glorious.  It was what I envision the Kingdom of God to be.

Not that all were Christian, or even persons of faith.  One was a Holiness Pastor; there were three Lutheran Pastors and one UCC Pastor.  But all sampled Jesus' invitation and love.  And, it was glorious.  Regardless of how lonely persons might have felt when they entered the room; regardless of how often they might experience hostility in the wider world; for a few hours there was joy and laughter and utter delight that through God's intervention, we are one.

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