Thursday, February 7, 2019

Devotion - Thursday, February 7

On the list of bible stories you ought to know is The Confession of Peter.  I read it this morning, from Mark 8:27-9:1.

Jesus asks the disciples who "people" say he is, then he asks "Who do you say that I am?"  Peter replies, "You are the Christ."

The story continues.  It moves immediately into talk of what it means to make such a statement.  Jesus is very clear - it means living (and dying if necessary) in order to be God's agent in the world.  This is more than Peter is ready to hear.

The gospel story tells us that Peter did encounter repeated hurdles as he shared what he had learned at the feet of Jesus.  He was imprisoned, he was beaten, he was told to keep silent.  The way of Jesus is a way which runs contrary to the ways of the world around us.

Peter knew this, eventually.  He came to embrace this, over time.  And he felt it in his own body.

Yet, he never regretted the hardships which being faithful brought on him.  He had come to experience the joy of knowing God's love and the happiness of sharing that good news with others.

The world is no less hostile to the way of Jesus.  Listen to the talk about our sisters and brothers approaching that imaginary line some call a border for some temporary thing called a nation.  Listen to the messages about storing up riches for tomorrow even if that means ignoring the suffering of neighbors today.  The way of Jesus is the way of joy and happiness, but the path leads us through a way which is too often angry and vile.

The Confession of Peter.  Mark 8.  Read it for yourself.

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