Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Devotion - Wednesday, November 7

As I began reading though The Revelation to St. John, I wrote that this book is often misunderstood.  It is a message of hope and promise.

This was illustrated in the verses for today - Chapter 12:1-6.  There appears a woman "clothed with the sun."  She is about to give birth.  Another portent appears, a red dragon, which is attempting to devour her child.  Spoiler alert:  this doesn't happen.  The child is caught up to God; the woman is whisked away into safety.

The red dragon does damage; with his tail he sweeps down "a third of the stars of heaven."  But he cannot touch the child.

Let me say again - The Revelation is a message of encouragement.  The images and sub-narratives fit into this whole.  Those stars which are swept away are a loss.  But the image at the center of the story is untouched.  God's protection is experienced.

What portents are appearing in our day?  What causes us to fret for God's children and God's promise to the earth?  The red dragons are fierce and can do tremendous damage, but the child and its mother are caught up to God.

Do not fear; and do not be afraid.  God is with us and will lift us.

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