Thursday, November 1, 2018

Devotion - November 1

Today is All Saints' Day.  Many congregations will observe All Saints' Sunday this weekend.  All Saints' is a day to fulfill several objectives.

First, among contemporary Protestants, it is a day to remember those who have died in the past year.  There will be lists read and flowers displayed and perhaps even bells rang in acknowledgement of loved ones.  I think of the peer deaths among you - do remember today those high school classmates whose deaths came in the year which is ending.  Others of you have had grandparents who have died.  Their names also need to be uttered this day, along with a prayer of thankfulness for their gift in your life.

All Saints' Day also serves to unite the various saints, some of whom have their own individual feast day, in a common purpose.  The Saints of God are aids and assistants to those who continue to live.  The saints of the Church are working to help us live out our calling to be among them.  There are many saints, but there is but one purpose.

For whom will you give thanks this day?  Who are the saints which have most empowered your devotion and service?  Remember them.  Light a candle for them.  Make an offering in their honor.  Above all, find comfort in the realization that on a future All Saints' Day, you will be remembered and honored and lifted up in the prayers of others.  This is what it means to be one of God's saints and to dwell among them on this earth and in the heaven to come.

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