Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Devotion - Tuesday, October 2

Being in college is tough.  The pace at which information is given is brutal.  This is particularly true of entry level courses.  These tend to be taught by persons who have advanced training, persons who see these 101 type courses as mere intro to the stuff they really want to teach.  With such a mindset, it is tempting to forget that 101 is a challenge for those who are just beginning their college career.

Being in college is tough.  While we may have brought with us many of the rules and guides of our family, we are left alone to make decisions about behavior and interactions with others.  Those well-taught lessons which seemed so oppressive and overbearing in our latter high school years are no longer being enforced.  And we have to decide how to conduct our lives.

Being in college is tough.

The only hope I can offer in the midst of all this is to remind you that every burden is lighter when it is shared.  The simple act of speaking of the challenges to our friends, to our family, to our campus pastor eases so much of the weight and anxiety.  My morning prayers allow me to share with God the weight on my heart and mind and God is yet to disappoint me.  This is a gift available to you.

Being in college is tough.  Thankfully, we do not face this alone.  We have Jesus.  And we have Jesus' friends.

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