Thursday, October 25, 2018

Devotion - Thursday, October 25

I have had the luxury of spending the last three days in the company of my SC colleagues.  I failed to mention this on Monday - that I would not be able to send you a reflection these two days.

The bible study leader helped us to hear the words of I Peter.  

I Peter is all about how we see ourselves and how we understand the order of things.  Written to slaves and the unacknowledged in society, I Peter speaks of the order which frees everyone and acknowledges that God sees and knows.  Those who create their own structures are inclined to ignore or fail to see God's way.

This is an appropriate read for us at this time in our lives and in our world.  Sisters and brothers, our culture is forgetting the order God has shown us; the order into which we have been invited to live.

The first and only identity which matters is the name "child of God."  Anything else which might be said about us can only be said AFTER this prime name is spoken.  And yet, in our daily encounters, other titles are given and other titles are given more weight.  

This cannot be so among the followers of Jesus.  When we see the other we see only the presence of Jesus.  When we consider the place of another we know only that they have a place at the communion rail.

It is time for us to learn how to bring along side our southern tendency of not upsetting others our Christian vocation of being the presence of Jesus.

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