Thursday, October 11, 2018

Devotion - Thursday, October 11

My morning Epistle reading was Acts 21:27-36.  It brought back memories of last evening's discussion.

The reading recounts how Paul was shouted down, accused, and beaten for speaking the word of Christ.  The crowd is his greatest obstacle.  This is also true of Jesus.  It was not only Pilot and the Chief Priests who shouted "away with him!"

The word of Christ upsets the crowd.  The way of Christ does not flow easily with the desires of the mob.

Last evening we spoke of race and race relations.  I was deeply moved by the comments made by you all!  Those voices gave witness to the ways in which hearing the word of Jesus puts us on a different trajectory than the shouts of the crowd.

Being a disciple of Jesus isn't the path to popularity.  But it is the way of the beloved community which assures us we will never be abandoned or left on our own.  Being a disciple of Jesus often results in being shouted at by civil authorities and by devotees of civil religion.  Regardless, it remains the way of Jesus.  And it is our way to his joy and peace.

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