Monday, October 8, 2018

Devotion - Monday, October 8

My devotional guide has me reading through Hosea.  This is one of the "minor prophets," a designation which often means "seldom read."  

Hosea's life is the prophet's message.  He takes as his wife a harlot.  He care for her, and provides for her, but she continues to return to her lovers.  When children are born, Hosea names them "Not my children."

The allegory of Hosea's life is the way God has picked Israel, and yet Israel has not remained faithful to God.  In today's section (Hosea 2), the wife of Hosea fails to realize it is Hosea who provides her with flax and oils.  She believes these came from her lovers.

Do we fail to recognize from where come our food and clothing, family and home?  Do we take credit for our possessions as if they were something we had earned?  Truly, you do work hard and your efforts merit you many honors, but all this is emerging from a foundation of which you had no part in building.

The Small Catechism reminds us that God provides house and home, food and clothing, and even "daily work."  Remembering this, leads to our giving thanks for these gifts.  Remembering this, instructs us as to how we ought to share that which has first been given to us.

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