Monday, October 1, 2018

Devotion - Monday, October 1

I don't choose which verses of scripture I will read each morning.  I did choose, some twenty years ago, that my morning devotion would follow the Two Year Commentary for Daily Readings.

If I got to choose, I might skip some verses.  Like the one for today.

It is the third chapter of Luke's Gospel.  Jesus is just starting his public ministry.  When his word is heard, the response is "What are we to do?"  He tells those who have two coats to give one away.

I can easily say that my accumulation of possessions is much less than .... (fill in the name).....  But the reality is I have multiple coats.  It may rain today.  I may need a rain coat.  I have a green one and a blue one and another for monsoon type rain.

I get up early every morning and read my bible and send out these reflections and my day is off to a wonderful start - I have done God's bidding in such a beginning.

But I have two coats, and two pairs of Chaco's, and three autos.  

I will offer no solution this morning; I will merely state the obvious and ask for your prayers.  And I am promising to pray for you, too.  And together let us pray for those who have no coat.  And maybe tomorrow we will find a way to fix this problem.  But let's not wait for too many tomorrow's before we find that solution.

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