Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Devotion - Tuesday, May 1

I sometimes wonder if Jesus has just made it too easy for us.

Leviticus 16 sets forth the anual process and procedure for Atonement.  It involves a goat, someone getting the goat to sit still while the sins are named, a person to take the goat to the wilderness, several changes of clothing, and lots of bathing in water specifically set aside for this purpose.

Jesus has made atonement for us - once and for all.

There is that story in which a leper goes to God's servant to be made clean.  He is anticipating lots of rituals to illustrate to God his desire to be made well.  He is told "Go bath in the river."  He is indignant!  One of his servants asks him, "If you do mighty things to be made whole, why not do this one small thing?"

Jesus has made it easy for us.  Not because Jesus thinks we are lazy or too easily distracted or unwilling to perform great ceremony, but because Jesus loves us.  And Jesus understands that all those rituals and ceremonies may be followed to the letter, but do they give us the confidence that our sin will not separate us from God?

Jesus has made it easy for us.  We are thus set free to live in the assurance of our being united with God, our sin will no longer stand in the way.

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