Monday, April 2, 2018

Devotion - Monday, April 2

Christ is Risen!  Christ is risen indeed!

The account of Jesus resurrection in Mark does not include any post-resurrection encounters with Jesus.  There is an empty tomb.  There are three frightened women who flee and do not speak of what they had seen.

It is in the hours and days and weeks and months that follow that the resurrected Jesus appears to his followers.  This most often comes as a surprise.  They are doing other things, and Jesus is suddenly in their midst.

Whatever your experience of Easter Sunday might have been, I want to encourage you to look for the surprise visit of Jesus in your life.  I encourage you to be prepared, and thus vigilant, in looking for his presence.  Easter Sunday may be only the announcement of the ability of Jesus to show up at any place at any time.  Easter Sunday may serve as the transition point after which Jesus himself is no longer limited by time and space.

Christ is risen!  Be on the lookout for his presence in your life and in your day.

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