Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Devotion - Wednesday, March 7

Lord, grant that each one who has to do with me today may be the happier for it.

It is far to easy to forget that the call to follow Christ is to lose ourselves in our having found him.  There are few encouragements to return to this core affirmation of Christian faith.  We are more often reminded to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling" as if getting a ticket to heaven were the mark of a disciple.

Jesus made it clear that those who would be his disciples are those who care for others, serve other, understand themselves to be slaves to others.

I do not want you to worry or fear - there is no reason to do so!  I can make such bold assertions because of my decades of following Jesus and discovering the assurance which emerges from continually looking for ways to love and serve "each one who has to do with me today."

Those who are pre-occupied with their own fate (eternal or otherwise) have a great discovery when they find how quickly such concerns disappear in the commitment to make "the happier" those who cross their path this day.

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