Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Devotion - Wednesday, March 14

Subtle theological differences do make a difference.

The Christian faith is a response to the call from God.  The call comes to each person, through the Word, from the Holy Spirit.  I read this morning from I Corinthians 12, "No one can say 'Jesus is Lord' except by the Holy Spirit."  It is the same Spirit, and the same Lord, but the call may attach itself to any number of differing receptors.

So, some respond to the call by hanging out with a Lutheran group; others will be at the Catholic church; others at New Spring.  Some won't go to a church building, but find themselves responding in a peer group meeting on campus.

I do possess a generous orthodoxy.  Each are responding to the call from God.

But subtleties in theology do make a difference.  They either allow us to be whole-heartedly engaged, or leave us a feeling like "this isn't exactly the best match for me."

Be active in your faith and in your search for the place where you can live that out.  But also ask the questions about the subtle confessions present in the ministry group.  Not every place is the best match.  And those places which insist there is but one response to the Spirit may not set well for some of you.

This thought arose as I read that I Corinthian passage this morning.  It followed a conversation yesterday with a person straddling two some-what differing ministry groups and wondering where they fit in.  The message may also help you as you return home for Spring Break.  Realize that this ministry has its own unique response to God's Word - one that may differ from the congregation in which you were raised.  Do not reject that community of faith which prepared you for where you are now in your faith journey.  And if you notice differences, use them to grow in your knowledge and understanding.  And - if you have time - come and talk to me about it.  I love such conversations.

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