Monday, March 5, 2018

Devotion - Monday, March 5

Mark 5 retells the story of the woman with a "flow of blood".  She is the one who slips up behind Jesus and touches the hem of his garment and is made well.

Sensing that "power has gone out from him" turns to see who has touched him.  The disciples are somewhat amused by this - there was a huge crowd of folks and persons were pushing in on them from all sides.  But, something was different about this woman's touch.

Sometimes, simply being in the presence of Jesus is enough.  When we don't know what words to speak or what emotions to feel, just coming is sufficient.

This woman is made well simply for actively striving to be able to touch Jesus.

There are days when I am not sure what I ought to pray or even how to speak the prayer that is on my heart.  On those days, I should remember Mark 5 and realize that being made well is linked to merely being in the presence of Jesus.

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